Become An Algorithmic Trader In 5 Days

"I literally started algorithmic trading in 5 days after 8 months of struggling." Jeff

    150+ lines of Python code (See Step 2)

    4 bonus trainings

    2 trading frameworks

    1 complete roadmap to avoid mistakes and start algorithmic trading, TODAY.

    Everything you need to avoid the 5 biggest mistakes beginners make when starting on your own.

    Written by Jason Strimpel and Matt Dancho, the creators of Quant Science—the cohort-based algorithmic trading course that has helped over 150+ Python enthusiasts start algorithmic trading.

    "Amazing work @Jason and @Matt Dancho. Mind blown. This is some amazing stuff!" Jonathan

    Want to make sure the Beginner’s Algorithmic Trading Roadmap is “worth it” before you sign up?

    Here's everything inside:

    • Mistake #1: Trying to trade by reading charts. Avoid the mistake that cost Matt $13,383 in "technical trading" and $5,000 in course fees. (Bonus #1: The Top 10 Finance Concepts that All Beginners MUST Know)

    • Mistake #2: Thinking you need to develop lots of trading strategies. Get Jason's 3 Core Trading strategies and the Infinite Trading Idea Generator so you never get stuck on ideas again. (Bonus #2: 150+ Lines of Python Code to run Jason's Volatility Targeting Portfolio Strategy + Framework #1 Infinite Trading Idea Generator)

    • Mistake #3: Holding on to losing trades too long. Get Jason's 3 risk and performance management frameworks to automate yourself out of losing trades. (Bonus #3: How to use Risk Management in Algorithmic Trading + Performance Tear Sheet Breakdown)

    • Mistake #4: Not following a systematic process. Discover Jason's FULL algorithmic trading methodology that helped Matt grow a portfolio to over $4,000,000. (Bonus #4: The Key to Profitable Systematic Trading + Framework #2 Our Systematic Trading Process)

    • Mistake #5: "Learning" from trading pundits. Get the only quick hack in trading that will help you get started with the first step and develop trading strategies quickly.

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